Vaccine Eggs


Advantage through yield

For years, fertile eggs have been used as a preferred substrate for vaccine production. For over 40 years it has been VALO BioMedia clear goal to deliver high quality Vaccine Eggs to the biologics and pharmaceutical industries, as well as research laboratories throughout the world.

The market for fertile eggs, commonly called "Vaccine Eggs" consists of two segments, each with specific requirements for production and quality - Clean Eggs and SPF Eggs. 

Clean Eggs are used for the production of human influenza vaccines and represent the largest volume of Vaccine Eggs. They are also the standard choice for the production of inactivated vaccines for veterinary use in Europe and other regions of the world.

SPF is an abbreviation of Specific Pathogen Free and refers to eggs from flocks that have been confirmed to be free of specific disease pathogens. In Europe SPF Eggs are used for the production of all live and selected inactivated vaccines of chicken embryo origin for veterinary use. In the USA the use of SPF eggs is mandatory for the production of all chicken embryo origin vaccines for veterinary use. In the production of human vaccines, SPF egg use is currently limited to four products. SPF eggs are also the standard choice for use in research laboratories.

VALO BioMedia supplies both Clean Eggs and SPF Eggs. Each product is produced by dedicated flocks raised under strict biosecurity and excellent hygienic conditions. VALO BioMedia utilizes a dedicated genetic program that is unique in the industry and offers constant improvement of product quality.

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An overview of the genetic traits that influence the selection process for Clean and SPF Eggs can be found under Research and Development.

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