Transport of Vaccine Eggs


Just in time and perfect condition

Proper handling and transport of VALO BioMedia Eggs is a key factor in the value chain for our customers.

The eggs need to arrive at the vaccine manufacturing plant or research facility 


  • At the right time to avoid excessive storage
  • At the right egg age to ensure fertility and embryo viability
  • In perfect condition


As Vaccine Eggs are essentially a living product they are very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Furthermore, if handled carelessly, the egg shell can be damaged, resulting in cracks or micro fissures or the internal membranes may be damaged which might lead to non-development of the embryo. Therefore transportation from our production facilities to our customers plays an important role. 


In cooperation with freight forwarders and carriers we constantly seek new ways to improve the transportation conditions for Vaccine Eggs to ensure the highest quality upon arrival at our customer’s facility.


Together with the Association of European Poultry Breeders a "European Guide to Good Air Transport of Hatching Eggs and Day-old-Chicks" has been developed which covers the following topics:


  • Preparation of the shipment
  • Packing of eggs
  • Storage at the airport prior to loading
  • Proper methods of handling, loading and unloading
  • Critical Points of Egg shipments


A PDF with the European Guide to Good Air Transport can be printed and downloaded here:


The same principles are employed by all VALO BioMedia locations around the world.


As it is very important when and how our Vaccine Eggs arrive, we prefer to arrange transportation for you with our trained agents.