Handling of Vaccine Eggs


The right touch in production

We view it as mandatory to safeguard the high quality of our Vaccine Eggs from the point of lay until the start of vaccine production.


Steps in the production and delivery process used to ensure Vaccine Egg quality include:


Physical handling

  • Smooth movements, minimal “touches”, and avoid disruption or vibration


Disinfection proces

  • Careful disinfection to reduce the bio-burden without damaging the cuticle, egg shell or shell membrane



  • Avoid frequent and extreme temperature changes and storage at defined temperatures


Humidity in storage

  • Maintain optimum level of 50-60% humidity and avoid changes in humidity             


Pre-incubation & Incubation

  • Slow pre-warming prior to incubation
  • Defined temperature, humidity and air exchange parameters
  • Specified egg rotation during incubation



  • Smooth loading and unloading
  • Controlled temperatures during transport
  • Reliable packaging materials


After collection in the SPF–houses the eggs are desinfected for the first time and transported to the sorting and packing stations. A vacuum lifter gently moves the eggs to the sorting belt where any dirty eggs are removed.




Please contact us for further information regarding the handling

of Vaccine Eggs.