Quality Assurance Laboratory


Testing our performance

For quality assurance, in Europe VALO BioMedia has access to the Lohmann Tierzucht Veterinary Laboratory, a first-class laboratory with high levels of biological and veterinary expertise. The Quality Assurance Laboratory tests the flocks in accordance with the requirements of the EP


The Laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025 certified according to the main standard used for testing and calibration of laboratories.

Our veterinary laboratory has been accredited according to (EG) Nr. 882/2004 by staatliche Akkreditierungsstelle Hannover. This is the accreditation to carry out microbiological and laboratory diagnostic testing. Biological material, water samples, as well as hygienic samples are all specimens that can be tested at the veterinary laboratory.


You will find the accreditation of the veterinary laboratory on the web page of Akkreditierungsstelle Hannover (German language).


VetLab Info 1

In VetLab Info 1 you can find a list of different samples that can be tested in the Veterinary Laboratory

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VALO BioMedia North America has its own dedicated SPF laboratory, staffed by experienced personnel, which carries out testing on biological samples, bacteriological swabs, water samples, etc. in accordance with the requirements of the EP, USDA VS 20 Memorandum 800.65 and is accredited by NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan), part of the Animal and Plant Health inspection Service (APHIS), a branch of the USDA.