Over 40 years of science for the future

VALO BioMedia is a spin-off from Lohmann Tierzucht and started independent operations in 2011. The growing demand for VALO BioMedia SPF and Clean Eggs and the increased requirements regarding quality and support led to the decision to even better fulfill customer needs with an independent company and a sharpened profile.


The company’s roots go back to the end of the 50s, when Heinz Lohmann, founder of Lohmann Tierzucht, arranged cooperative agreements with geneticists, feed specialists and veterinarians. One close collaboration and friendship was built between veterinarians in Cuxhaven and Prof. Roy Luginbuhl from the University of Connecticut. In 1958 Prof. Luginbuhl already recognized the necessity of testing chicken flocks for disease before their eggs should be used for the production of viruses. He began to set up SPF flocks in 1963.


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Following the encouragement of Prof. Luginbuhl, scientists in Cuxhaven also started to raise and keep chickens in isolated conditions under continuous testing in 1963.


Air filtration techniques were tested and determined that only under filtered air positive pressure (FAPP) could flocks be kept disease free at a reasonable cost. After years of development, new FAPP houses were built in 1968 on an all-in all-out basis which was the true hour of birth of VALO BioMedia SPF (VALO short for VAccines LOhmann).


 VALO BioMedia SPF Eggs

- the first CAV-free


At the end of the 80’s, a research project on the Chicken Anaemia Virus was successfully completed which allowed VALO BioMedia to be the first company worldwide to produce CAV-free eggs. SPF Egg requirements have constantly increased during the last 40 years. Production conditions have been continuously adjusted. In addition to air filtration, special attention has been paid to increased biosecurity procedures regarding the entry and exit of personnel and material into the houses. Special treatment of feed and use of anti-microbial products to lower the risk of disease transmission in the feed were also included.


The latest development is a specific line of SPF-layers which produce the VALO BioMedia SPF Egg P27-Proof which is mainly used for quality assurance programs.

Since January 2011 VALO BioMedia GmbH is an independent operating company pursuing a global growth strategy.

Current developments of VALO BioMedia can be found in About VALO BioMedia and the News section.