Quality Management


Securing product safety

Quality is not considered a duty, but rather a company-wide commitment to improve human and animal health. Our extensive quality controls ensure Vaccine Eggs of the highest quality to provide the best yields in your production process and to safeguard your products.



In order to secure the highest quality of Vaccine Eggs we have a comprehensive quality management system in place with defined standards and processes.

These standards meet or exceed the strictest requirements for the production of SPF Eggs found in the European Pharmacopoeia EP7. and the USDA VS Memorandum 800.65.



European Pharmacopoeia EP7.

An excerpt of the European Pharmacopoeia

(96 KB)



Our Quality Management Program consists of the following pillars:

  • Providing support to internal and external customers
  • Maintaining traceability through detailed and consistent documentation practices
  • Promoting predictable performance by using well designed standard operating procedures
  • Identifying and resolving quality issues quickly while focusing on preventative measures
  • Continuously improving through training and efficacious change management policies

To complete the process, the following steps are also integrated into the Quality Management Program of VALO BioMedia: 

  • Policy definition and review
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Auditing of suppliers
  • Inventory management
  • Internal training and audit plan
  • Quality concern investigation procedures
  • Change control and document management processes

HACCP Concept for SPF Egg Production


In addition we have a HACCP System in place for the production of SPF Eggs that is integrated into our Quality Management Program. The HACCP concept is based on a study ordered and developed by NASA, the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force to avoid food-borne illnesses of astronauts.


The HACCP concept is a preventative quality control system to ensure the safety of food. With this concept the industrial production of food is monitored and controlled to minimize microbiological contamination. It protects consumer health by means of a hazard analysis and is based on standard global hygiene regulations. Its effectiveness is regularly audited and has been certified without interruption since 2004.




VALO BioMedia is already working in compliance with ISO 9001 and is in the process of obtaining the Certificate. As part of our regulatory compliance, all deliveries are accompanied by extensive country-specific information and documentation regarding the origin and health status of the source flocks as required by the destination country and/or our customers.


Control Certificate Germany

A sample health certificate from german branch

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Control Certificate USA

A sample health certificate from USA branch

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Our Quality Management Program also plays a significant role in meeting or exceeding the following types of regulations which are supplemented by our own high internal standards.

  • Animal welfare
  • Labour protection
  • Environmental protection
  • Building regulations


We are inspected annually for our compliance with applicable requirements of environmental health and safety in our daily business.


In addition to the Quality Management Program we have additional quality goals for our company.

  • It is very important for us to fulfill the expectations of our customers and to be a reliable partner. We expect our service to meet the same high standards as our products.
  • We value respect towards each other and pay attention to staff welfare, physical health and industrial safety in the workplace.
  • We encourage the professional development of our employees and assist them in pursuing their goals.