Research & Development


Over 40 years of science for the future

The special quality and performance of our products not only depend on state-of-the-art production practices, but also on the results of our research and development.


VALO BioMedia’s success has its roots in over 40 years of expertise, where VALO BioMedia has been at the forefront of innovative research.


Our research and development covers 3 different segments, each of which interacts with the others:

  • Genetic research
  • Veterinary research
  • Development of advanced production practices

Genetic research


In order to deliver vaccine eggs that fulfill your expectations, scientists of VALO BioMedia and Lohmann Tierzucht have been working on the genetic selection of our layers since 1968.

An overview of the genetic traits for SPF Egg and Clean Egg flocks used for vaccine production is shown in the breeding index in Figure 1. Our flocks are selected to enhance these traits.


The success speaks for itself: First-class shell quality and high yields which lower vaccine production costs are only two of the remarkable results of our research.


As the only supplier with direct access to pure breeding lines we have a considerable advantage over our competitors as we can decisively influence the characteristics of our Vaccine Eggs.

Genetic traits for SPF and Clean Egg flocks used for vaccine production



Breeding Index (figure 1)           

Veterinary research


In the field of veterinary research we collaborate with accredited experts and institutes to conduct innovative research projects.


A very early successful research project was conducted in cooperation with Freie Univeristät Berlin (Prof. Monreal, Prof. von Bülow). The final result allowed VALO BioMedia to be the first to produce CAV-free SPF eggs from which the first live CAV vaccine (Thymovac) was produced.


Our latest success is the development of a specific line of SPF-layers with a virtually zero reading of endogenous leucosis virus (P27). These layers produce the VALO BioMedia SPF Egg P27-Proof which is mainly used for quality assurance programs as it reduces false positive P27 readings in Elisa tests.


Development of advanced production practices


The production environment is a key element to making full use of the genetic potential of the birds and to keeping the highest level of biosecurity at all times. Therefore the design of our production units is subject to constant improvements to ensure optimum functionality in egg production, animal welfare, efficiency of utilization of the buildings and the prevention of disease outbreaks or cross-contamination. Today we are investing in new or fully-renovated production sites in Germany, Spain, the USA and Mexico.


Besides the egg production sites, the egg grading and handling process plays an important role in the value chain. We are investing in new grading centers in Germany and the USA to ensure even smoother handling and more efficient disinfection. We are also cooperating with external experts to ensure we always use the best disinfection methods available and to find new ways of minimizing the bio-burden on the eggs.

New production system in Germany