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VALO BioMedia acquires SPF Breeding Farms in Brazil

With effect of July 1st 2012 VALO BioMedia has acquired SPF Breeding Farms close to Uberlândia, Brazil which will be integrated into the newly founded subsidiary VALO BioMedia do Brasil. The farms are already operative and will be upgraded with VALO BioMedia genetics in the weeks and month to come.

Soeren Ring, Managing Director of VALO BioMedia states:

“Brazil is one of the key poultry markets worldwide and has a corresponding importance for vaccine production and thus for our customers. We are pleased that with this strategic acquisition we were able to strengthen our global supply network and to live up to our goal to be as close to our customers as possible.”


VALO BioMedia do Brasil will be managed by
Mr. Roberto Naime
Country Manager
Phone: +55 19 8125 88 33


Most modern SPF production unit in Europe launched


Most modern SPF production unit in Europe launched In the course of the expansion of production capacities a new site in Wusterwitz, Germany is now housing its first flock of SPF layer hens.


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VALO BioMedia continues to hire:


In response to the ongoing expansion of its global SPF production and supply network VALO BioMedia is seeking new team members with Hands on experience in the veterinary or poultry industry


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VALO BioMedia is expanding worldwide


In response to the increasing demand for a reliable high quality SPF Eggs Valo BioMedia is investing more than 10 million Euros into the enlargement and modernization of the production base. The clear goal is to supply customers around the world with a better quality and an increased security of supply.


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