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VALO BioMedia is a global supplier of Vaccine Eggs used in the production of human and animal vaccines and in pharmaceutical research. 


We are the largest supplier of SPF Eggs in Europe and in the top two globally. In the production of Clean Eggs VALO BioMedia is the world leader.


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Our Products

Clean Eggs and SPF Eggs  (Specific Pathogen Free) provide an important contribution to human and animal health worldwide. They are used for the production of vaccines, research and diagnostics.


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Our Commitment

is to be right at your side by investing in local production sites close to your operations. 


It is our clear goal to build and maintain long-term partnerships with established planning and supply procedures to ensure security and quality of supply for SPF Eggs and Clean Eggs at all times.


Most modern SPF production unit in Europe launched


Most modern SPF production unit in Europe launched In the course of the expansion of production capacities a new site in Wusterwitz, Germany is now housing its first flock of SPF layer hens.


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VALO BioMedia acquires SPF Breeding Farms in Brazil


With effect of July 1st 2012 VALO BioMedia has acquired SPF Breeding Farms close to Uberlândia, Brazil which will be integrated into the newly founded subsidiary VALO BioMedia do Brasil. The farms are already operative and will be upgraded with VALO BioMedia genetics in the weeks and month to come.


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