About VALO


Globally at your side

VALO BioMedia is a global supplier of Vaccine Eggs used in the production of human and animal vaccines and in pharmaceutical research. We are the largest supplier of SPF Eggs in Europe and in the top two globally. In the production of Clean Eggs VALO BioMedia is the world leader.


Over 40 years of experience and continuous research in genetics, biosecurity and egg production have made us a reliable partner of the global life science industry supporting the safe and efficient production of vaccines. It is our clear goal to provide local service to our global partners to ensure the highest quality vaccine eggs and continued supply at all times.


This is why we are investing in a global production and service network with sites in Germany, Spain, France, the USA and Mexico. It is our clear goal to be where our customers need us - right at their side. We are dedicated to following our long-term partners into new markets, supporting each other’s growth and striving for improved human and animal health.



At the same time we are continuously investing in research and development to further improve our processes and products to make vaccine production more efficient. And all that we do is performed with a serious commitment to animal welfare.



VALO BioMedia is your strategic partner


It is our goal to be your long-term strategic business partner. Together we establish a custom-made delivery strategy that could even include dedicated production sites next to your vaccine production facility. This exceptional commitment demonstrates that VALO BioMedia understands the complex requirements of global vaccine production and has the right answers to support you - wherever you are.