“Clean eggs” are fertilized eggs from flocks that have already been vaccinated. Our customers use them for the production of inactivated vaccines for humans and animals.

We produce specified pathogen free eggs or for short SPF eggs. These eggs are free of certain pathogens. Our customers use these SPF eggs to produce live vaccines for humans and animals or use them in pharmaceutical research (drug development, cancer research).

SPF chicks and pullets

Animal husbandry, and the hatching and rearing of chickens associated with it, is our daily bread. We are experts in this field. We offer this know-how to our customers as a service at our locations in Germany, France, and the USA. 

Value Added Services

Incubation of eggs is a critical factor for subsequent vaccine yield both in the use of clean eggs for inactivated vaccines and in the use of SPF eggs for live vaccine production.

Primary cell cultures

Some vaccines are produced or propagated in primary cell cultures (CEF – Chicken Embryo Fibro­blasts) (for example rabies, TBE, small­pox, and Marek’s disease).