As a partner of the vaccine industry, we help to maintain human health.

We guarantee the security of supply safety of our products; without which, for example vaccines against influenza, measles, mumps, yellow fever and rabies would not exist. Also over 75% of flu vaccines for humans are produced using eggs.

We make a vital contribution to ensuring safe, high-quality human nutrition; as egg-based vaccines are the key to antibiotic-free poultry and egg production.


Our employees are essential to our success.

We take responsibility for our own highly qualified employees.

They ensure the success of our business by combining professional work with a strong sense of responsibility and modern expertise.

We offer employees long-term jobs, safe and modern working conditions, training and development opportunities, flat hierarchies, short decision-making channels and adequate pay.

Our commitment

As a company, we are committed to ...

  • ... diversity, equality and equal opportunities
  • ... job security, occupational safety, and exceptional personal health benefits
  • ... respect, camaraderie and a welcoming workplace environment
  • ... fighting all forms of discrimination
  • ... fighting business-related human-rights violations such as child labor and modern slavery
  • ... fighting bribery and corruption