Protecting animals is very im­portant to VALO BioMedia.

We are committed to this cause in two ways. First, our products promote good health among the worldwide poultry population.  Additionally, we are responsible for the conscientious care for all animals in our custody.

Our promise

Our staff ensure the daily well-being of the animals and undergo regular training to provide optimal animal welfare conditions.  Employees are obligated by their employment contracts to protect the animals and follow VALO BioMedia animal protection guidelines, which are more strict than federal animal welfare guidelines.

Self-produced regenerative energy

Sustainable use of resources is the biggest challenge of our time. This is why our sites use regenerative energy, which is produced from our own photovoltaic installations. We also source heat from biogas and wind energy.  In order to allow us to better understand the largest emissions sources in our production processes, we are calculating our CO₂ footprint.  We then use this calculation as a basis to devise specific measures for the continuous reduction of emissions.

Short distances to the customer

Our global production network allows us to minimize delivery distances to our customers and thus reduce energy consumption and transport-related CO₂ emissions over the long term. This also allows us to ensure optimal product quality and cost-effectiveness.

Lower use of raw materials for each vaccine dose

In collaboration with our customers, we are working on the consistent improvement of vaccine yield per egg used. This ultimately results in a reduction of the ecological foot­print of each individual vaccine dose.