Quality management is an integral part of how we think and act.

As part of the production chain for human and veterinary vaccines, it is essential to define all processes and procedures in the company, anchor them in a living quality management system, monitor them, and regularly challenge them again in search of improvements.


In our company, it ensures safe production, animal welfare, the well-being and personal development of employees, and finally, impeccable product quality and delivery reliability. Our quality management system in the production area is based on the HACCP system.

What is the HACCP concept?

The principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) are the basis for the concept. The HACCP concept is based on a study commissioned and developed by NASA, the U.S. Army, and the U.S. Air Force to prevent foodborne illness among astronauts.

It is therefore a preventive quality control system designed to ensure the safety of the goods produced.

Why do we use this system?

It is suitable for our business because our top priorities are both the health of our livestock and the safety of the vaccines produced by our customers.


This means specifically:

That we are concerned with ensuring the health of livestock and the microbiological quality of the eggs produced as biological starting material for the vaccines.

The principles of the procedure are …

  • … the identification of hazards that must be controlled.
  • … the establishment and implementation of effective monitoring.
  • … the determination of corrective actions as needed.
  • ... the establishment of procedures to verify the effectiveness of HACCP procedures.
  • ... the preparation of documents and records to demonstrate the effective application of HACCP procedures.

We continuously improve our processes and follow the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) quality standard for HACCP certification

In the area of SPF egg production, we are increasingly aligning our quality management system with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)  certification of our customers through additions to the pure HACCP system. In the area of value added services (production of primary cell cultures) we work in 100% compliance with the applicable GMP regulations.

GMP ensures that patients receive pharmaceuticals of uncompromisingly high quality. These quality requirements must be met throughout the entire production process. Companies around the world must comply with GMP regulations in order to obtain a manufacturing permit.

Employees are the key to success for any quality management system

We regard employees not only as trained, performing personnel, but as an integral part of the quality system itself. Their sense of responsibility, their trained eye on processes and their active interest in the company's fortunes enable a corporate culture of transparency and continuous improvement.

We therefore encourage the active participation of all employees in shaping and improving the processes for which they are responsible. And we also do this as part of a global best practice system at the international level. The sharing of information is an essential part of our work. As a result, all employees benefit across national and site boundaries.

Digitalized system

To simplify the sharing of information across borders, but above all to make quality management available to employees anytime and anywhere, we have made it

 The training courses and associated performance reviews are also mapped by means of digital training tools.